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The higher we climb the harder we fall

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Conclusions from interviewing 3 Aerealists about the fear of heights and other phobias
Defining themselves and who they are in the air. Clutching, grasping, claiming the space that cannot be owned. Aiming higher, fear of losing grip. A piece, created from the inner of the individual. Expressed through mastery of skills. Perfected by human flaws. Performed by artists fostered into a life of circus. 

Performers: Matleena Laine, Sanna Vellava, Jesse Huygh,
Artistic Director: Marie-Louise Masreliez

Composer: Jonatan Liljedahl
Light-design: Elisabeth K. Nilsson
Set- & costume design: Elin Hallberg
Mask: Rebecca Afzelius

Premiered: 6 October 2011
Length: approx. 60 minutes without intermission,info: m-l@masreliez.se/+46 (0) 70 770 88 00

Supported by the County Council  of Stockholm, Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee,
Nordic Culture Point, the Culture Committee of Stockholm, Stockholms Läns Landsting,
Swedish-Finnish Cultural Foundation, Kulturbryggan, Ruby Rose Union, Cirko Center for New Circus in
Helsinki and Cirkör Lab.

Marie-Louise collaborates with Teater Reflex in Kärrtorp. Take a look at the web-page, www.teaterreflex.se to find out more about circus training and cabarets.

I want to fill the air with heavy bodies.
The new piece Higher by circusdirector/-choreographer Marie-Louise Masreliez will premier in october 2011. The piece is about an aerealists work in relation to heavyness, using it and defeating it. Read more about the piece...


Marie-Louise was interviewed by John Ellingsworth and the Sideshow Magazine during Subcase in february 2011. Click here if you want to read the article.

 Marie-Louise Masreliez is researching into the artist, movement and
stage as a director and choreographer. The new piece will be ready
autumn 2011. Open rehearsal at Subcase, Subtopia Circus Fairs 17/2 at 16.00

More info: www.subtopia.se/subcase

Show: Work in progress presentation
Performers: Matleena Laine, Regina Baumann
Director: Marie-Louise Masreliez

Supported by Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee,
Nordic Culture Point, the Culture Committee, Swedish-Finnish Cultural
Foundation and Cirkör Lab.

WISE MADNESS and friends present:

A Good Deal of Work in Progress


We are so expansively happy to invite you to an evening of upcoming creative artists, a good deal of no less than 4 Work-in-Progress.

You will witness some analytical circus, toe-tip dance, no-tip dance, juicy flirt, serious people and empowering freaks.

This is a chance to see something that the year 2011 will reveal to the rest of the world. Or not... These artists decided to give you a glimpse of the extras that no one else might ever see.

Wednesday 15.12 at Teater Reflex, Kärrtorp

18.00 Dinner. We start with true nutrition! The deal is: vego-soup with bread and wine/beer for 70SEK
19.00-20.00 Presentations #1
20.00-20.30 Dinner for late eaters and coffee for earlies
20.30-21.00 Presentations #2
21.00-22.00 Talk (How to relate to the creative process? How do we find different ways to work? The discussion is moderated by Camilla Damkjaer)

Free entrance – Yes, we can't wait to spoil you brilliant people!

Artists on stage

Eliisa Erävalo
The Supported: Urgent dance for a teambuilding workshop. You could think it’s a solo but you might be totally wrong. Eliisa is on her way to serious business with her team.

They are like the bestselling book of both 2009 and 2010 and there’s more to come. Viktor Gyllenberg and Malin Stattin are the crew behind Vifira, and the new show Hello! will premier in March. It´s a show inspired by Isaac Newton and his apple, the French countryside, Stockholm's southern suburbs, bird movements in high winds, ritual ablution, the Swedish melancholy, astronauts in weightlessness and a lot more!Hej! Hello! Salut! Let's go!

Jenny Soddu and Tomas
Finally these two charming people are on stage together. Surprising each other and us, showing where they are or where they are not.

Marie Louise Masreliez
The hostess of the evening is back in creativeness with the loveliest circus artists ever. This is so anti-cabaret but so sexy nerdy that you better practice your poker face with L. Gaga. Starring: Kimmo Hietanen and Regina Baumann. Project is supported by: Stockholms kulturförvaltning, Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden, Kulturkontakt nord, Ruby Rose Union and Cirkus Cirkör Lab.

Special Thanks to Teater Reflex

What About Charlotte is available for bookings